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Steven Sabados, Joanne Sanche and Chris HyndmanJoanne meets Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman! This dynamic duo hosted the CBC home design show 'Steven and Chris'.

Stage your home and Consider It SOLD!

Selling your home? Make your property outshine and outsell the competition by staging it yourself with Consider It Sold. This 170-page guide is filled with easy-to-follow advice on how to highlight your home's best features while minimizing its imperfections. It also explains how emotions affect behavior and decisions for both buyers and sellers, and suggests ways to manage these emotions. Complete with photos, detailed checklists, online shopping tips, and a 4-step staging plan, Consider It Sold will help you stage your way to a quick and profitable sale.

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A message from a reader:
"I am writing to let you know that I had bought your book and followed it from start to finish.  My house went on the market on a Tuesday and we had a great offer on Thursday.  Your ideas and suggestions were great and I know that we got a sale because of the way the house looked...we have other friends that did not stage their homes and their homes are still on the market." - Marilyn M

A message from Joanne:
Several years ago, I had Shannon stage my house before I put it on the market. To my surprise, it sold for full asking price to the very first couple that looked at it. Incredibly, the buyers made their offer on the spot, before they even finished viewing it! I knew that the staging had helped my average family home sell so quickly, and I wanted to learn more about how this remarkable new industry uses simple, low-cost techniques to make ordinary homes extraordinary. When Shannon asked me to co-author Consider It Sold, I was happy to help her share everything she knows about home staging so that anyone can apply the same principles to their own home, whether they’re selling it or just wanting to improve it for their own enjoyment.

A message from Shannon:
As a home stager, I’ve seen firsthand just how dramatically staging can improve a listing’s perceived value. For me, though, my staging work is about so much more than making a home look good: It’s about helping people feel proud of their property and receive what they deserve for it when it sells. And it’s about helping people to say goodbye to their home and look forward to the next chapter in their lives. Happy staging as you move on!

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